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 Successful Women 
Ready for Another Change? 
Pastor Christine


As the months have gone by, I realized that we are in the midst of changes, and more changes are on the way.  We are changing locations at our church. My household has changed, as I married off a daughter. No one really likes changes when we are set in an established routine. Others need a change. I for one, welcome the changes, because in my heart I know that God takes us from glory to glory. That means a better change. Better days. Not worse. God's will for us is to walk in blessings every day. Sometimes one would think that making a change is regressing. Not at all, that is the world's mentality. Changes in life usually involve getting us out of a rut.

Some of us simply have to take the time, especially in this busy season, to seek God and ask Him, "Lord have I done what you want me to do in life?" Selah! Pause and think about that!

Am I in the right job? Am I in the right city? Am I in the right church? Am I doing right by my family?  Am I supposed to have a career change? Should I quit hiring out services, and do stuff on my own? or should I start hiring help? Did you want me to go to school or get training for this time in my life? Etc,etc, etc, the list could go on.

Some changes are not so radical, but can mean a lot. I once visited a home long ago, of an elderly lady that had tons of clutter everywhere. I was embarassed by my visit because I could find no place to sit! The clutter was years of throwing things on the coffee table. It progressed to the floor next to the coffee table, and I could see where it then made its way to every corner and on top of every piece of furniture, then to the other rooms in the house. Needless to say it made me think about my own clutters at home...especially in my purses... when I change colors to match my shoes!  I thought to, I better change and make time to pick up all my mail and receipts, etc, because I can see where it all starts and if I do nothing I could end up like this woman. That small and seemingly insignificant change in my daily habits caused me to find $5,$10, and $20 bills hidden in my purses and sometimes jeans pockets! That was nice, but the whole idea was order.

What kind of order in your life do you need? Most of us need to stop this merry go round we live in. Search the Scriptures more. Begin taking some time to jot down some ideas or goals. Stop the procrastination- it is faithless! Do something! Turn in positions if you have to and start all over with fresh direction in life. Find out what God wants to do with your life, then put your nose to the grindstone and accomplish all that is in your heart. And if you are in unity with God, then, what you and God want will be the same! Selah! Be diligent with that change. It will bring blessing. Proverbs 13:4 says, "The soul of the lazy man desires, and has nothing, but the soul of the diligent shall be made rich." Also it says, "The hand of the diligent will rule, but the lazy man will be put to forced labor." Prov 12:24

Change is not regressing or taking a step back, but is taking a step wiser. Many will not understand, but who cares? Your heavenly Father is the one we should all be pleasing and He is the one that directs our steps. Please write to me and let me know what God is doing in your life. I will pray for you.

Happy Changing!


Pastor Christine


2 Cor 3:18

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