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 Successful Men 

Life Goals Dream Setting
Philippians 3:12-16

1. The mind is a muscle that can be developed.
2. What are you trading it for?
3. What is the dream that you have?
4. Dreaming creates what God gave us. Dreams are the birth gate of God.
5. Lean on your dreams in times of frustration.
6. Goal setting is perfect for dreaming.
7. Life goals can be set in any time of your life. It will reset your body clock.
8. How far are you willing to go to perform your goal?

Dream Evaluation

1. Write Three Things you want in your lifetime.
2. Prioritize your dream, pick one of the above.
3. How much money will you need?

On A Scale From 1-10

a. How achievable is this in your lifetime?
b. How clearly can you see this dream?
c. What is your ability to handle pressure?
d. What is your daring perception?
e. How hard are you working toward this?
f. Are you working toward this now?
g. What is your knowledge absorption?
h. How much revenue do you have now toward this goal?
i. What is your desire to see this fulfill?
j. How are your work ethics?
k. Are there habits forming now that are making this possible?

Your potential should be a TEN.

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